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Mad City international happening* of urban planning

1st -2nd  June, Riga, Latvia

Urban planning happening – it is a novel and unconventional approach to the form and content of a large-scale event allowing the participants, over the course of two days, to actively listen and converse, establish contacts and create new ideas. A happening is simultaneously a cultural, scientific, artistic and business event (not to be confused with an ordinary conference). It draws attention to the individual and collective experience, sensations, feelings, active participation. Some substantive and emotional framework is given – experts’ presentations and various performances that facilitate the process of thought exchange and exploration – yet specific results depend on participants’ cooperation and random coincidences at the given time and space.


Mad City presents 6 key topics:

  • Driverless City - the role of driverless cars and unmanned aerial vehicles in shared and connected mobility of future cities
  • Public Madness - the challenges of public involvement process in urban panning
  • Sharing Economy - emerging economic trends and their effect on cities
  • Future Planner - rethinking the changing role of the urban planner profession
  • Future Planner’s Toolkit - mobile apps and other useful tools for urban planners
  • First Dance with Mary Jane - the impact of the trend of legalizing recreational marijuana in cities


20 experts from 12 countries worldwide – USA, Denmark, Israel, Japan, Canada, Latvia, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Finland, Hong-Kong,  Sweden, Belgium


For more detailed information download full program HERE.

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University of Latvia Academic

center, Jelgavas street 1, Riga

01.06.2017 - 02.06.2017